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Dear Friends and Colleagues


It gives us great pleasure to announce the international conference on Appropriate Medication Use in the Elderly will be held October 24-25, 2023,

at the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel (across the road from the beachfront).


It is no secret that the number of specialists caring for a patient multiplies along with the drugs they prescribe as each specialist is primarily concerned with treating the disease for which he or she is responsible. This, in turn, can lead to inappropriate medication use and polypharmacy (IMUP).

This conference will focus on the art of prescribing vs. deprescribing in adults and the elderly, and how to minimize harm and improve quality of life, hand in hand with all involved; clinicians, researchers and industry.

Tel Aviv is a perfect choice for hosting international meetings. It is a modern cultural center, and boasts many fine restaurants, art galleries, beaches, entertainment centers and museums. It is a city that bustles with nonstop activity day and night and a short drive from historic Jerusalem, home to the three monotheistic religions.

We hope you will take the opportunity to join us at the upcoming conference.




Professor Doron Garfinkel


IGRIMUP International Conference on Appropriate Medication Use in the Elderly

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